“What do you do?”

I'm puzzled whenever someone asks me this question. The answer they’re looking for is simple, of course. “I’m an art director and graphic designer with an expertise in fashion.” I just don’t really feel like that question applies to me.
Design isn’t what I “do.” It’s essential to my life. It’s who I am. I know that sounds cliche... but sometimes cliches are true.

Prominently featured on this website is my work for twentyfourseven, a popular multi-store fashion brand in Israel. I worked on the brand for four years, but in two distinct capacities.

At Brukner/Yaar/Levi advertising agency, I was the lead Art Director on the twentyfourseven account. For five seasons, I oversaw all of the brand’s advertising campaigns for print, web, and television and designed relevant in-store environmental concepts.

When I departed the agency, the client offered the best possible compliment of my work in the form of a position in-house as an Art Director and Graphic Designer. I designed each season’s line of graphic tees, often also art directing the lookbooks and catalogs featuring my own designs.

In 2016, I relocated to Los Angeles for true love and the vast opportunities in the wild west.

“What’s your inspiration?”

The geometrical building blocks of life are my main inspiration. Whether I’m looking at the downtown skyline or my dachshund Trina, my mind is constantly racing to recreate the silhouette with squares and circles.

Fashion captivates me because it’s always changing. I can be working on the same brand or product line for a period of time, but everything is different next season (or even mid-season). There’s always new inspiration and new ideas, new opportunities to collaborate with creatives in different fields. There’s always the unknown, the pressure, the last minute changes. I love it all.

“How can I reach you?”

Currently available for projects in Los Angeles.